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For skin that you love, you want to adorn with makeup, we got you. We know a little something about what you’d need for various parts of your day.

Let's take you through the essential first. Make sure you’ve got your Face Wash and Gel Moisturiser.

Now, the everyday hustle requires all of the essentials and an additional perfection stick for the perfect you!

What’s that you say? It's a full day at work followed by a black tie event. Make sure you have your Face Wash, Tinted Moisturiser & Perfection Stick.

Been a week and a half, let loose and don’t worry the Face Wash, Foundation, Perfection Stick and Setting Spray have your back!

Lastly, we heard you’re travelling, carry them all! Who knows what surprises the trip has in store.

Explore the products based on your needs and it will all be worth it!

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Rs. 899.00
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First port of call, the Base, which can be used on its own as a serum or as a base to your make u...

Rs. 899.00
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Men's foundation is the core product of any men's makeup routine. Use your foundation to create a...

Set Spray
Rs. 499.00
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Don’t have a makeup mishap. This lightweight setting spray is a support system for your skin, del...

Tinted Moisturizer
Rs. 799.00
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A clean, light-coverage skin tint and nourishing skin moisturizer with a velvety finish ...

Face Wash
Rs. 399.00
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Hectic schedules, pollution, and trying to maintain a work-life balance can often mean that we ov...

Gel Moisturizer
Rs. 499.00
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Whatever your skin type, moisturizing is a key step to ensure your skin looks and feels h...

Perfection Stick
Rs. 699.00
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Having great skin is about how confident and comfortable you feel. An...

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  • Review your companion box with an additional surprise companion. Minimum buy of 3 products and find a treat from us, to you.

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